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Well, I've been tagged by :iconmaskedsugargirl:, who asked me to do this OC meme with Isengrim. I'm going to go ahead and use Neopets!Isengrim because OC!Isengrim doesn't have much character development, he's just kinda... there. But I have written tons and tons about Neopets!Isengrim, to the point where I'd say I've made up about 95% of all of the information about him in my Neopian Times writing. So I think he counts as an OC for these sorts of purposes.

Post these rules.
Post 8 facts about your character.
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  King Under the Mountain by surfersquid  Isengrim Portrait by surfersquid

1. To the best of anyone's knowledge, Isengrim is the only Werelupe in his pack who was created by a human owner, and who was ever owned. This gives him a different perspective on owners than the rest of his pack. While the other Werelupes don't think much of owners, Isengrim still remembers the deep emotional bond he felt with his creator and it is an important need for him. Thankfully, Terra does a good job of being there for him.

2. Isengrim is literate, which is a pretty big deal out in the rural areas of the Meridell region. Although neighboring Brightvale is a well-educated kingdom, most citizens of Meridell cannot read and receive no formal education. Isengrim most likely learned to read shortly after settling down in Meridell, in order to better facilitate communications between himself and his fiefs. He is definitely a "if you want something done right, do it yourself" sort of Neopet, and likely didn't have the patience to have someone read and write for him. Despite appearances, he is extremely intelligent and enjoys reading for recreation as well, although he's not the scholarly type like his adoptive brother Pharazon.

3. Besides possessing claws, fangs, and about two thousand pounds of bulk, Isengrim is also a highly skilled swordsman. Longswords are his weapon of choice, and while he has an armory with a sizable collection of weapons that he enjoys using, the pride of his collection is a claymore that used to belong to his adoptive brother Hyren. This claymore was forged by the faeries thousands of years ago, before the time of the Circle of Twelve, when Neopia was a far less peaceful place (it's slightly implied that there were wars going on among the faeries, or between the faeries and other forces, at that time). At any rate, this claymore survived through the ages, until finally Hyren found it and eventually gifted it to Isengrim. Not only is it an excellently-crafted blade, but the steel is enchanted to never rust or dull, making it extra handy to keep around. Considering that Werelupes and faeries do not get along, to the point where Isengrim does not even like the smell of fae magic, it says a lot that he uses this weapon.

4. Isengrim's bark is worse than his bite in most cases. Although he has played the villain for most of his life, very little of what he has done has been out of cruelty or malice. He has acted first and foremost to protect his pack and try to improve their lives (which usually meant stealing from non-Werelupes), and his selfish acts have stemmed from deep-rooted unmet emotional needs. While he used to be rather vengeful and bent on paying back perceived wrongs dealt him, he never enjoyed violence for its own sake and he never (intentionally) mistreated members of his pack. Over the past few NT stories, though, he's worked through a lot of these issues. Still, if he feels anyone in his care is threatened, his bark is just as bad as his bite--so watch your step.

5. He used to be a little bit of a kleptomaniac. Mostly this was because he tried to use treasure as an emotional replacement for an owner, although he also saw the accrual of riches as a major part of his claim to legitimacy as the Werelupe King. After Terra helped set him straight, though, this character trait of his seemed to have cleared up entirely. These days, he's actually become an extremely generous king who enjoys using his wealth to help those in need and make others happy.

6. I've mentioned this before, but I selected Isengrim's name from the medieval Reynard literature. This is a series of stories about an anthropomorphic fox named Reynard, a trickster who is always getting the better of his uncle, the wolf Isengrim. The name Isengrim itself is from the Anglo-Saxon isen meaning "iron", and grim meaning "fierce". It shows up as a name in the Took lineage in Tolkien's writings (and is derived from the same root as his place-name Isengard). It seems to have been a common name for wolves in medieval stories, possibly due to its prominence in the Reynard cycle. I wanted to give the Werelupe King a meaningful name, and couldn't pass up the opportunity to use a real medieval wolf name for a wolf who lives in a medieval-inspired fictional setting (and it being a name Tolkien also used just made it all the greater). I decided to turn the tables on old Reynard, however, by making this Isengrim cleverer and more competent, someone who cannot be easily thwarted by trickery or brute force. Of course, the solution turns out to be kindness and friendship, something which some of the protagonists in Worth Searching For learn nearly too late.

7. Isengrim has a thing for decorating with bones. Considering he and his pack derive much of their protein from hunting, they naturally end up with a lot of spare bones that they like to find uses for. Wearing them, and decorating their caverns with them, makes them into status symbols and trophies of their greatest hunting accomplishments. (Isengrim has a Monocerous skull hanging above the entrance to his grotto.) Isengrim is also the one who came up with the "bone hierarchy" for his pack. The types of bones they wear indicate their status within the pack for easy visual recognition. Only the Werelupe King is allowed to wear skulls; all members of the pack who have proved their worth are allowed to wear fangs. If any member of the pack is deemed to be weak or cowardly, he or she must wear knucklebones. In practice, everybody in the pack wears fangs as a matter of course--it's a very egalitarian society, and being a Werelupe kinda automatically makes you hardcore enough to deserve fangs. Knucklebones are really only given to an individual under special circumstances where the other Werelupes feel it's warranted--for example, Pharazon was made to wear knucklebones when he made his first impression on the pack as a cowardly whiner (being Faerie-colored didn't really help matters much). Additionally, select individuals outside the pack may be given fangs as a token of respect by Werelupes for proving their strength and courage in some outstanding deed. Only a handful of non-Werelupes have been awarded this honor.

8. Speaking of Tolkien, Isengrim shares several parallels, as far as personality and motives, with Thorin Oakenshield. This was not at all intentional, but as I re-read The Hobbit and observed the recent film adaptation of the character, I realized how much alike they are, so Thorin was probably at least a subconscious inspiration for Isengrim. They're both leaders of hardy warriors who are perceived as uncouth by other cultures; they both have a hard time letting go of grudges; they both care deeply about securing a home for their people; they both have tendencies to be moody, suspicious, and possessive to the point of outright greed, ignoring the greater good if they want something badly enough; on the flip side, at their best, they are both selflessly courageous, devoted to their family and followers, and dedicated to making things right when they realize their mistakes. I sometimes see Isengrim's character as an exploration of what might have happened if Thorin hadn't had a tragic ending. (Also I kinda imagine Isengrim with Thorin's voice, so.)

Well, that was fun. ^^ I don't feel like tagging anybody, so feel free to do this one if you like! (Also, if you'd like to see me fill out another one of these for another character, just let me know!)


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